No Longer Bound - How To Maximize Your Success and Increase Your Possibilities

“No Longer Bound” Is a metaphorical display as to how obstacles interfere with our success, dreams and life’s purpose. Many people know and understand that problems with obstacles exist. Yet they continue to dwell in a world of setbacks. The purpose of this book is to give a constant reminder that a life full of possibilities should have no boundaries.

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Bound by the Debt Demon - It's Time to Stop Living in the Red

“Bound by the debt demon” is a practical, as well as Biblical approach to living an abundant life without debt. The ideas, concepts, and strategies offered will never get old, making this book virtually timeless. The author covers a large spectrum of pitfalls associated with living above ones means, giving complete Biblical references to support his findings.

Join author Donald G. Payne as he shares his wisdom and knowledge, based on his own personal experience, backed by an enormous amount of facts and statistics. Written as self-help work, this short, but to the point presentation, contains a wealth of information, and provides additional resources for further study on this subject.

Many have already discovered the joy of living a life free from debt. It’s time for you to make that change.

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Fear Folly & Purpose
The Keys to Making the Right Decisions

We are all faced with decisions that can be life changing. Good decisions can improve our lives and bad decisions can make our life more difficult. Decisions determine your direction as well as your destiny. Many people have made some irreversible decisions that have not only affected them but they have affected the church as well. When we make a decision to go down the wrong path we have to take into consideration the trickle effects it will bring with it. You have to think for yourself, you cannot be led by other people’s action or advice.

It is the plan of God to use every one of us, whatever he called you to do, whatever your skill may be. We are to impact the people around us with our time and talents. We all have a purpose, every one of us, no exceptions. The life we live counts for more than we can imagine. We are accountable to not just ourselves but to others as well.

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They're Just People - The Truth About Christians

God has given us some very simple rules to follow; He has asked us to obey Him, keep His commandments and to love our fellow man. When confession is made to a life of Christianity and we have an open refusal to follow the rules that have been laid down before us, people will look at us and will discredit Christianity. They will discredit believers on a global scale not just because of the action of one person but for what that person stands for. The goal of this book is to help others understand that the love of God does not rest on one person’s action. God is a God of mercy and grace and has proven His patience with His children over and over again. If God can forgive those who refuse to follow the rules, I would hope that you could too.

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