About Donald G. Payne

Donald G. Payne is a Christian author/entrepreneur who believes in taking the principles of Christianity and applying them in a practical way into our everyday lives. Through his writing, Donald seeks to bring awareness to the common pitfalls that life can bring without using fancy gimmicks so that fewer people are taken advantage of and strung along for the rides he has both personally experienced and seen with others. Born and raised in the Motor City (Michigan) Donald has seen it all, good times, bad times but has persevered remaining positive and encouraging others to do the same.

Donald has had a long history of helping others. His approach is unique and his wisdom captures the reader as each example paints a clear picture of how to protect yourself as well as better yourself so that your life will have purpose.

Spending the majority of his adult life as a certified and licensed field electrician Donald was constantly being sought after by his fellow tradesmen for help and guidance as they pertain to some of life’s many pitfalls. With the many life-changing events that he encounter with some of his co-workers over the years (Divorce, Financial hardships, Drug and alcohol abuse just to name a few) Donald to continue giving advice to anyone who asked. Even though he did not have an initial desire to pursue a writing career he is quoted as saying, “God gave me something to write so I started writing.” While attending Baker College pursuing a degree in Industrial technology Donald was inspired to write. Donald has always been known for his ability to speak and people listen, his books are an expression of this talent. Throughout his career, Donald has continued to promote “Practical Christian Living.” Donald remains sincere in his approach, and keeps God as the main focus of his life and in his teachings.

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